My First Time with IDN

Before i start to write about this stuff, i want to say happy birthday to IDN. Yeah, this November is IDN’s 6th birthday 🙂 I hope this organization will always be exist in Indonesian networking factory and more comfortable for all trainees, and of course produce graduates with expert class certified like CCIE, MTCINE or JNCIE. The generous trainers that Mr. Dedi Gunawan, Rofix Fauzi, Widi Armono, Anshori and others may allways be health and better in all. Amin

Oke, let’s  begin the story..

After passed my exam, i was really confused with my next level that i have to decided. The choices are two. First i looking for college scholarsip to continue my study, or start to find a job. That’s really pushed my mind. And than, the answer is coming. What is that ?

The answers is IDN. IDN is an organization that moved in case of networking. I began to know more about IDN.  My teacher introduced me by a brochures. He told me that IDN have a program called “Pesantren IDN” that the member are high school graduates. Because basically i love networking, of course i was interested. I began to find information all about Pesantren IDN. I wanted to join with this program. I started writing a CV and sended it to IDN’s mail.

A few days later, i received a call from IDN. In that moment, i was so nervous to answer this call. The caller start asking any question about my achievement, motivation an other stuff about my personal identification that made me more nervous. In the end of this call, i was ordered to come to Jakarta in next Week. I was so happy to heard that. My journey with networking will be start from here.

The next day i prepared for went to Jakarta. And of course my parents gave the permition before. I left about 03.00 pm by bus. And did you know? i’ve never been to Jakarta before. I was lost sometime. Luckily my aunts lived in Bogor so i can stay there for a few days and find the best way to Slipi that IDN address.

I borrowed my aunt’s motor to reach Slipi because i don’t know the way if i use public transport. And you know, i can get faster too. In one hour, i arrived Slipi. I remember thet time is 09.00 o’clock. There i met other person that also wated to join to Pesantren IDN.

Maybe that’s all, and thank you…


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